by Neil Young, 1/5/2009

A Perfect storm for innovation is gathering in Washington. With the government's recent financial assistance to GM and Chrysler, the Big 3 now have until the end of March to make the case that shows how they will survive. Survival is not enough though.

America now has a chance to lead the world in power and fuel efficiency. The Big three will still be looking for help at the end of March. As the major shareholder, the US government would have an opportunity to DEMAND the type of cars that will lead the world toward saving the planet for future generations.

If the Big three cannot agree to make only cars that are fuel efficient enough to get at least 50 MPG by 2011, 75 MPG by 2013 and 100 MPG by 2015, then they should go into bankruptcy and fend for themselves like all the other businesses that are having trouble. The truth is this can be done and innovators know the way to do it.

Better Place is a new model for power distribution to replace the old model of gas stations that supported the evolution of the automobile to this point. Better Place is taking hold in countries around the world and in some areas of the US. Better Place's revolutionary concept for distribution of power to vehicles actually lowers the price of the vehicle by making the battery free to the consumer and automaker, while a subscription allows the user to only pay for miles travelled. There is a great opportunity for innovative solutions with Better Place.

The Automotive X Prize is a race of 100MPG vehicles across America in 2010 sponsored by the Progressive Insurance Company. There are many entries. These cars must be safe and have a business plan that allows for at least 10,000 units per year. Automotive X prize contenders need to share their knowledge with the Car Czar. How will they get their cars to the magic 100mpg? There are some good ways to do it. Now is the time to share.

Innovators should swarm like locusts on Washington in January, February and March to show the Car Czar how to make fuel-efficient cars.

A Car Czar who knows how it can be done, and a government in control of the automakers while they stabilize will be key to demanding all autos made in the USA have a minimum mileage rating of 50MPG. This includes cars, SUVs and pick-up trucks. Now it is time for America to take back the reins of innovation and show the true wave of the future. It is a window for a sea change and a new opportunity for America to lead the world.

Lincvolt, an X Prize contestant, is a 2.5 ton, 19.5 foot American classic now attaining 65 MPG utilizing electricity and domestic fuel. The converted 1959 Lincoln Continental MK IV demonstrates that today's big sedans SUVs and pick-up trucks can get at least 50 MPG if they are fuel-efficient and use electric power, making it obvious that smaller cars could do even better than that. Ultimately, the Lincvolt team aims to demonstrate a Lincvolt hydro bio-electric series hybrid that will attain 100MPG with domestic fuels and very low emissions.

In February, Lincvolt will begin an historic drive to Washington to showcase "the people's fuel", and show the President, the Car Czar, Congress and the Senate how innovation happening right now in America can be a beacon of change to the world.

The Lincvolt team invites the other contestants in the Automotive X Prize Race, Better Place, and innovators from around the world to join us in Washington during the first 100 days of the new administration.


Milko says:
From Italy, I believe in new generation cars, thanks Neil says:
Go Neil GO! I want my electric car! Thanks for calling bullshit on the auto industry! I will stay tuned... btw... fork in the road is sweet!

Chris Isner says:
Yes! Throughout history, when the rabble mob besieges the gates of power, the mob wins!

Stephanie Rubin says:
The Automotive X Prive is a great way to deliver fresh ideas to the public, to investors, to politicians. I think the name of the game with new auto technology is accessibility and practicality—there are so many great concept cars emerging, but will I really one day have one in my garage? If so, is the fuel widely available? Are conversion kits easy enough to install that I don’t need to find a specialist to do the work? I love what you’re doing, Neil, because it seems that you have thought through all of these things. I own a recycled Mercedes diesel that has been converted to run on waste veggie oil. This is awesome, but the increasing popularity of such cars has made it difficult to get WVO (most of it is bought by companies that make biodiesel) and much of the time I have to settle for running on diesel (no biodiesel stations in my neck of the woods). I have heard algae touted as the fuel of the future as it produces a very large yield in a small amount of space, can be grown in wastewater, and in a large variety of climates. Maybe you should throw some algae into LincVolt’s water system (kidding). Now is definitely the time for innovators to bring ideas to the table. One of the many great things LincVolt has going for it is the coolness factor—I imagine that many people are drawn to it by its gorgeousness and thus receptive to learning about its features. I have experienced this kind of openness to education through the eco-friendly greenroof doghouses I make. The doghouses look so cool and anomalous that people actually ask for information about environmentally friendly practices that are featured. Cool is the spoonful of sugar. I’m also hoping to descend upon the White House in January with a green home for the First Dog. The new administration’s calls for change places the responsibility upon gearheads, scientists, and inventors alike to change our policies on energy and environment. I’m counting on you to inspire Obama to convert his shiny new Caddy into a SCEV.

Donna says:
Can you make a conversion package available to ecologically friendly familes for their current wheelchair accessible vehicles? (That would be really cool!)

Lundy1369 says:
Great idea. Some old guy wrote a song about vampires sucking blood from the earth when I was 6 yrs old. I really hope the new US President takes heed now 35+ years later and holds his inaugral promise of not propagating oil rich greed, and of building new economy around LincVolt kind of innovation towards industrial change. Wind turbines on our mountain ranges, and in the sub-arctic along with ginormous solar panels on the desert highground and in the plains could power new north american rail lines and almost eliminate continental air travel. Might even create a few new jobs if that happened. Doubt I'm the first to think about it, and doubt I'll live long enough to see it happen, but still hope it does. Motorcycles don't get 50 mpg, but aren't far off, and flying 2 feet off the ground puts a person in touch with their own mortality and the spirits that exist only between life and death. Motorcycles are an easy way to leave a smaller carbon foot print, and I'm glad to see there's more and more people riding them around here. Keep the rubber side down. says:
Neil, this is groundbreaking!

Mother Nature on the Run says:
Why don't we all write our local college & university radio stations for them to play "cruising" music for LincVolt while it makes it's historic trek across the US on I-70? Often times, stuff like this has gone ignored when it hits the newswire, but if we call or write, maybe LincVolt will get the truly deserved publicity it needs to make an even greater impact. Where else but to start at the colleges and university radio stations that are not locked into pre-programming and commercials? To begin, find a mapmaking search engine that will locate "colleges & universities" along I-70 and begin there. Write a letter stating why you feel this is important and why the message needs to get the word out using their radio station. OXOXO, Mother Nature

clooch says:
The world is a better place with people like you in it Neil. These innovations are ripe for the plucking if only people stand up and stop being intimidated by the fat cats. The monopoly is soon to be over for the big three and Linc Volt will be there to lead the way!! Wished I was riding shotgun on the journey in February, with the NYA's playing sweetly in the background!!! Loving your work Neil!! You are a shining light in an often dark world. XOXOXOXOXOXO Christine Lucignano

good news says:
Thanx for the update Neil. (Thanx for everything by the way) I have placed a small news item on the Home page of The Good News Network titled 'New Power Technology is not just a dream' and on the Environment page called 'Keep Our Engines Green - Neil Young's latest project'. Both linking to this site. I hope this is okay. I stumbled upon it today and am blown away by the magnitude of what you ARE DOING. says:
Dear Neil, what you are doing seems only possible in America ! It is the only country which not only dared to say "we can change it", but also did it ! I'm sad not to be american lately ! But if I could bring any contribution to this project in europe (Belgium is my home country and sometime big things also happen in small countries), I will be happy, & my son (10 years "young" and fan of your music) would probably not beleive that his father collaborated to such vital project for future generations and on top of it with his idol,(yes you are !) Most of my career was spent in marketing and if for once I could market something really good for the masses ... and if not, keep on doing what you're doing I'd love to be in your first customers ! Take care !


robert says:
here's the thing i'm confused about with electric cars...aren't they just burning mainly coal rather than gas? in the USA isn't it true that many areas of the country get 100% of their electricity from coal burning? And isn't it true that the national average electricity produced is more than 70% from coal burning power plants? Is burning coal cleaner than burning gas? If so, how much cleaner?

robert says:
n/m i see it's getting the electricity from burning other fuels like biodesel or whatever i was confused - i thought it was totally electric rather than just a hybrid

fRANkY j nAsH says:
Neil I saw you play the other night in Adelaide. I'm still recovering emotionally. Something came to me in the middle of a tear soaked rendition of "cortez" it was this: I think we have been living in the past , in the shadow of post world war 2 USA idealism, in the romantic notion that , radical change was only a catalyst for 60's musicians. You have always been so honest , so frank and always played cutting edge new material at concerts. When I felt the emotion from your 100% retro set in Adelaide , I realized that you must obviously feel the same. The time has come again to stir the vacuous masses into action , to let em know somethings wrong. I'm sure that set wasn't just created to please the hit loving old folk. I for one got it. You completely rocked my world , I mean "everybody knows this is nowhere" "a day in the life" for christ's sake. It doesn't surprise me at all that you are making this LincVolt project happen. You've motivated a generation a couple 'o' times before and you're still at it. This has to happen. These are volatile times. You da man. I will convert my 68 ford utility asap. Next time you are in Adelaide come over for supper and check it out . Keep on rockin Neil. Love Franky J.

Rv Tazz says:
The following parts on an elec car can not break down for lack of existence: exhaust,spark plugs,starter engine,dynamo,carburator,injection pump,cooling system and the list goes on electric motors are and always will be as good as maintance free,rugged,reliable and less greasy.

Mark Duwe says:
Hey Neil, saw you in Indy about 1987, great show. I live in Columbus, Indiana the headquarters of Cummins Engine Company, one of the world's leaders in diesel engine technology. The culture at this company is I am sure just like that in detroit. They come up with ways of improving fuel economy all the time, but most of them are voted down because of the cost. It is not that these innovasions would cost that much, they are in great fear of spending the money because the strategy will be that their competition will not do the same and they will lose sales because their engines will cost more. Even just 8 years ago the culture in detroit was such that they would not build a car that got 20% better fuel economy if it would cost $1000 more than the competition because people would buy the cheaper car. Things have changed. The only way Detroit will employ these ready to go innovations is if they are forced to. I absolutely believe Cafe could be 75 MPG by 2015 and Detroit would be on top of the world and building cars like there's no tomorrow. So, what other 2 garage bands were better than you guys.

Paco Polo says:
Hi Neil, I'm from Spain, one of the most sunny countries in the world. But nobody creates a sun power car. I think is only a problem of the big gas companies. They can't put the sun in a bottle and sell it. We need a new car concept, not a flying car (that's not sci-fi). We need a real solution for a real world.

Paco Polo says:
Hi Neil, I'm from Spain, one of the most sunny countries in the world. But nobody creates a sun power car. I think is only a problem of the big gas companies. They can't put the sun in a bottle and sell it. We need a new car concept, not a flying car (that's not sci-fi). We need a real solution for a real world.

Donna says:
Hey! While you're at it ... we can create awareness about how sadly lacking we are in manufacturing vehicles that are ecologically friendly and wheel chair friendly. Neil has always been a strong advocate creating awareness about what we are lacking in meeting the needs of friends and family with disability labels. Take that message to Washington DC!

RvTazz says:
Hey Paco your country is doing lots of excellent thing with the sun. Check out these two and ,both are zero emmission and very low tech. These solar towers are not what you would call difficult to build and would work in a large part of the world: deserts(sahara,Arizona,Salt Lake) you could probely even build them in the middle of the ocean. We can generate electricity emmissionfree even at night , why dont we. Even if it is generated at the "wrong" time, we can use it to generate Hydrogen and store that . Fuel cells will become efficient. We have to stop polluting . Maybe its the fact that lots of ideal locations for solar energy are also those desert countrys who now pump up oil that stops us from HARVESTING the awesome amounts of FREE NON POLLUTING RENEWABLE energie. Making cars electric. makes them pollutionfree,even if you make a oilburning car more efficient it will still pollute at some level,multiplied by the staggering amount of cars out there,you can see thats always gonna be a dead end street. With cars being electric you solve a lot,then you concentrate on making production emmissionfree(solar,wind,tidal,geothermic,algaealcohol) Watermills on mayor rivers and waterways, think about the amount of water passing through the Mississipi,the Nile,etc) Please people im sick of breathing small dust particles and other choking gasses. For gearhead among you:electric cars have extremely high accelaration and top speeds that far exeed the speedlimits everywhere(maybe except for Germany lol) Neil ,keep on rocking in a emmissionfree world and keep up the good fight. To the rest out there THINK OF YOUR CHILDREN !!!

Chris Isner says:
I saw the premiere of the new film FUEL last night and started reading up on algae biofuels. Wow. There's been so much progress since Jimmy Carter started the program in the 70's. I find it wonderfully ironic that some of the planet's most basic organisms will be the salvation of the pinnacle of evolution whose future is in jeopardy because of addiction to the petroleum produced by these very same organisms. Given that we'll produce billions of tons of the stuff, man, talk about a symbiosis! A fraction of this Stimulus Plan funneled into algae could eliminate all diesel fuel consumption in as little as five years. Considering the almost unlimited power of Executive Order when national security is at stake, I have high hopes for this administration.

Michael A. See says:
My hometown of Elkhart, Indiana should think about embracing this pursuit of technology. The recreational vehicle industry and auto parts suppliers are paying the price for passivity and a lack of vision. Soon a quarter of Elkhart's people will be unemployed.

Keith N. Gillis says:
It is obvious that there is a lot of opposition to alternative fuels and power. I believe one of the biggest problems is our government itself. Think about the tax base on mpg. If you have a tax of say, 50 cents per gallon and average say, 20mpg, then what happens when you get 100 miles to the gallon? The effective tax is reduced to 1/5 of what it was. Good for us, bad for big government. They go from 1 billion in tax revenue to 200 million. Oh shucks, it isn't big oil after all. The government got 10 billion from big oil before big oil made its 4 billion profit. So, the real problem is BIG government. Stay out of our way BIG government and we will succeed.

John Higgins, Hillsborough, NC says:
Hi Neil, Thanks for the good information and your captivating Lincvolt that fuels the imagination. Any ideas about making old motorcycles green and more fuel efficient? I have a 75 Norton 850 Commando and a 73 BMW r75/5, the old "toaster tank." I love these old bikes but actually feel guilty on them at times for the sheer joy of the ride, knowing that I am at the same time putting more carbon out there. I suppose I could always turn them into living room conversation pieces...... Not a chance. These old dogs need to be heard and seen for their unapproachable beauty. Thanks for ALL your contributions. Keep up the good work, old friend. Hillsborough, NC

Terrel Huppi, Millville, Ut says:
Free thoughts make a free America. It is great to see people that love to live free and have the drive to make a better life. God bless you all.

Christian J P says:
Life long fan of your music. Prairie Wind is a classic. Your philosophy of the world dominates both Houses of Congress and the White House now. Prove yourselves now. Save the world.

Patrick S. Poplin says:
I just want to say that I have been a fan since 1970, and I think, Neil, that it's great what you are doing. I wish you well on your journey to DC. Think you'll ever drive it up to Seattle? I'm looking forward to your new CD, and am impressed with the philosophy which drives your new song as well as your Linc Volt project. Keep on Rockin' in the free world!

Rob Haberman says:
From Kelowna, BC..We have a bio diesel powered Nissan Pathfinder that runs on the used shortening from our restaurants. Smells like fries and that's ok! Squirt some regular diesel in with the mixture in the winter to keep from jelling up but a bit iffy in the Canadian you know. As I sat at Hapuna over the holidays looking out to the pacific with the sun beating down and some wind, there was so much power, how do we grab it ? You may have been around the corner thinking the same thing...See you here in April.. call, my son wants to talk trains....keep on movin'

MD Dunn says:
I've been following a company out of Toronto call Zenn Motors. They've built electric gulf carts and airport buggies for years. Now they are building a full-size electric car. They are also involved in a new type of battery made from ceramics. The battery developer is called EESTOR, or something close to that. Anyway, looks interesting. Everyone in SSM is pumped that Neil's coming. Looking forward to it. By the way, SSM is home to the largest wind farm in Canada and is building the largest solar array.

Glenn Taylor says:
Hi Neil, thanks for just think'in! I will be building an EV in the near future, but love to rv go to festivals and see this country gas $$ is keeping our family close to home. It seems to me that an rv would be a great candidate for a Lincvolt conversion. There's lots of room for all your stuff batteries,generator,motors,etc. If there was a Kit available I think a lot of us rv,ers would be interested in a quiet gas free experience. An RV has built in spaces for generator, natural gas tank, converter/charger & plenty of basement storage for batteries. The roof area seems well suited for solar panels. It sure would nice to chuck that 454 that gets 10 miles a gal. on a good day. Well just think'in keep up the good work and don't foget to strum!

weez says:
Even if 100mpg is the target, the current 65mpg on CNG out of a 2.5 ton behemoth with the aerodynamics of a brick is mind blowing. Well done, Neil & LV team. Fellas, keep in mind that there's extensive LPG refueling infrastructure in Australia, UK & Europe. LPG is a bit easier to handle than CNG (120psi liquefication pressure vs. 3000psi, thus lighter weight fuel tank, etc). LPG burns as cleanly as CNG, though is also a fossil fuel. LPG is sourced both from wells and as a crude oil refining byproduct. Australia has enough LPG refueling stations for piston-engined vehicles converted from petrol to LPG to circumnavigate the continent. Along with southern California type weather most of the year, Aus is a great place to do vehicle testing. I'd like to volunteer to drive, thanks. :) Just something to bat around over beers in the garage.

Leslin says:
This must be a good idea Neil. I think you might have got it. Thing IS, ARE THEY LISTENING? Only you can make them listen this time. Your appeal crosses generations and we need leaders.

Not sure about those fuel economy requirements says:
I think your targets are unrealistically high and would bankrupt an already ailing industry. 50 mpg in 2 years? Come on Neil. Have you done any research at all? How much time and money have you spent on the Lincvolt? Not every American can afford to shoulder the burden of an unrealistic target. I agree that we should increase the average MPG but establish targets that can actually be reached.

Paul says:
Neil, Its so great that I have yet another and maybe even more important reason to appreciate you. Thank you!

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John A says:
I think this is right, new economic structures need to be built as the old ones fail. If Detroit fails it gives opportunity to innovators like these to fill the void. The process though very painful will result in new factories, new kinds of jobs, new technologies, less dependance on foreign sources for enegy, a more peaceful world. Whats wrong with that? Thanks Neil, when these things come to market I am buying one.

B.Heeney says:
End of March, Rick Wagoner asked by The White House to step down, hopefully it's the beginning of THAT CHANGE.

Marty Murphy says:
The new theme for the current Automobile Industry should be "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere". Wait...that phrase may have already been taken.

Marty Murphy says:
The new theme for the current Automobile Industry should be "Everybody Knows This is Nowhere". Wait...that phrase may have already been taken.

Richard G. Munday / LASTMUNDAY@GMAIL says:
Neil, Truer words could not have been spoken. The times are a changin the Big 3 grovel for what they consider a "loan", where is their innovation? What will they do to gain the consumer confidence back? To once again rise to the challenge of the auto industry. They have been getting their asses kick for as long as I can remember. The Honda Civic got 50mpg back in '84......did everyone forget how to make cars like that? Right now, the United States of America owns these 3 institutions of the automobile industry. Pressure has to be applied and reinforced on the Big 3 (and the government) that inconsequential improvement on MPG is not the reality. INNOVATIVE IDEAS are the reality of this world. They always have been and always will be. Let's not let the power and greed of certain individuals dictate the course of our future. Neil , I am an avid fan of your music, seen you every year for the past 25years through many venues in New York, keep up the noble fight and "I'll see ya on the road"

Roo Trimble says:
What a time to be alive...inovation everywhere! I am so impressed by your efforts...if you can do that well with that dinasaur (very cool one at that) then you are right just think what a small car can do...I am trying such an approach with my project: it will not be fast, and it is a "pod" only just big enough...but it is based on the premise that a vehicle should not weigh more than it's cargo...and I will come close to weight 550 lb...and almost all recyclable aluminum body/frame and a biodiesel powerplant (not perfect, but we will use very little of it) hope to be driving by the end of the summer...plese check out my sight, let me know what you think (cooment on the blog please) again, great project, all the best in the xprize race...will be watching closely... Roo Trimble 106 West Pelham Rd Shutesbury, MA 01072 413 259 1454

Adam Osterfeld says:
Neil, Have you talked to Click and Clack on NPR's "Car Talk" yet? You would love those guys. "Fork in the road" is just what I needed right now. Thanks for being an inspiration during my formative years and now as a rocker and a Dad. I'm an artist turned elementary teacher and 50 years old this summer. Can you make a video of this just for classrooms? (20-30 min.) ( Let me know if you need help: animation or academic.) Your friend, Adam (Mr. O)

mike e cooper says:
go get em linc volt team..........the motor industry around the world has had decades to evolve and it has with the massive public bail out of the banks and the motor producers governments around the world are looking for solutions both financial and practical.theres nothing like a world economic melt down to bring out the best in people so as i said go get em.lookin foward to seeing the results and best of luck in 2010 may the best car win

Neil Delm says:
While I don't believe in Better Place's recharging model, I believe your Lincvolt is absolutely fantastic! Would you like to show it in Denmark - the country where Better Place has announced they will roll-out second to Israel? has a feature drive in a C and an O with www tracking at the Roskilde Festival this summer. This seems like a perfect fit. Regards and thank you for spearheading the revolution.

electrabishi says:
just sitting here listening to "Searching for a Heart of Gold" streaming on my local station. How ironic I was about to hit your blog. Way to go Neil. Been following your Lincoln for a while now. Got my own 1978 Pinto that I ripped the ruthless exploding gas tank out and put in a much more efficient power plant. Would you bring the LincVolt to the Wayland Invitational drag race and EV car show in Portland Oregon on July 24th and 25th? Would love to see you and your car there. Would be great publicity for all and to help spread the word with a bunch of eco friendly gear heads. Some getting int he 7 second 1/4 mile range on the drag strip. All on pure unadulterated electricity provided by the Columbia River hydro plant. Go here and scroll down a couple stories look for Plasmaboy's picture for the Wayland Invite. Keep the faith in America.

Sunrack says:
This is great. I have to admit, Lincolns, even the current crop, have always been underrated. One thing to keep in mind, affordable high-quantity production-ready components are not yet here. Hopefully they will be soon - we WILL get there! Until then let's also let oil companies go get more domestic supplies of crude - a truly amazing miracle substance if you really think about it. Along with essential energy / fuel, consider all of the lubricants, plastics, medicines, coatings, etc. that come from it. No - I don't work in the petroleum industry - I just like the truth to get out there. We need to encourage executives, employees and shareholders of successful enterprises, not demonize them. Exxon/Mobil and others already want a piece of this action as they are investing heavily in new battery technology. Welcome them. Look what Ford is doing with the new Fusion. This is the perfect storm if we can just keep the parasites/politicians & bureaucrats out of it and stop them from crashing the dollar with the ongoing government spending, borrowing and printing.

sailmycia says:
ok mr. young. your car sets a high standard. As a fellow sailor and off grid power generator, I respect your efforts. how can we link up this site with Ragland's up grade into the future? batteries? fuel cell electric propulsion? sails,tide and wind are currently spotty in the sound. wishing for input out on the coast. having the dream chasing a ghost.

Chris Henniker says:
I like the idea of putting a hybrid drivetrain in a 1950's CLassic, as it shows that (contrary to popular belief) hybrids are not a new idea. They've been around since the turn of the twentieth century and Ferdinand Porsche developed one before the first world war (I think). For all this talk of innovation, it's just an old idea that's just being explored and repackaged as a radical new approach just because people haven't seen one. Mind you, if it does 13 second quarter mile times and 65+ MPG at the same time, then it'll be worth it. It may not be the approach I'd go for, but it's worth taking the risk. I love power, torque and riddim, so I'd either convert that big block to a Crower six-stroke with turbo compound (made to look like period speed equipment, naturally) or put in a co-generation powerplant mixing a gas turbine or turbo compounded late model V8, Coates rotary valve heads with a steam turbine running off of the waste heat from the exhaust. BMW are researching this approach as I speak and the faster you go, the more effective it'll be. Either way, I might run it on cannabis derived methanol for more power as well as cutting oil dependency. At least it has more style and character than the amorphous blobs that hog up the road and infest it with smug. I'm glad that people are preserving these kings of the road, as we need to preserve our automotive heritage and it's more fun that way. Using old cars is recycling.

Jim McArthur says:
I have technology that will help (change the world) the Lincvolt • Zero emissions (no mufflers needed, no catalytic converters needed ) • Any Type of fuel ( change fuel on the fly) • Increase performance by 15% to 30% depending on fuel type. • 12 patents / 3 pending Jim McArthur Environmental Assist San Jose, Ca. 408 .202.3855c

amiksitz says:
has your team looked into the free piston engine to generate electricity? see link:

Anna S. says:
Dear Mr. Young, We at the Snob, a Russian magazine and a web portal, are extremely interested in featuring your company and its accomplishments in our June/July issue. I would appreciate an opportunity of interviewing you. This is a great inspiration for the entire world. Finally, America has a chance to be at the forefront of the progress. Minimizing our ecological carbon footprint has a big todo with the future of the planet. Please let me know if I can contact you directly or of an appropriate person I can contact to set up the interview. At this time, I will send the introduction of our publication. Looking forward to hearing from you, Anna S.

Anna S. says:
My contact info is Apologies for not providing it in my post above.

Daniel Lars says:
Greetings Neil, Recall giving my old friend William Mitchell (who works for you) a "heads up" in regards to a DVD viewed long ago...Who Killed The Electric Car. Stated he should not only view it, but turn many other friends on to it. Truly great to see you're working with a "stellar team to bring back the electric car" and it's potential abilities to save our planet from pollution, wars over remaining supply of oil, future generations, and more. Cheers to helping out our "Children's, children's children." Highest regards always, Daniel L. (musician & devoted parent)

low cloud says:
Love the Transition Rollers idea Neil and co! The Big full-of-themselves-3 need to start considering ordinary people. They can continue to build the same old technology and models that got them into this corner and they can stack them one-hundred feet high one on top of another, but they will just sit there and rust (no offense) until the cows come home unless people have jobs that can support buying a new car.Re-tooling what we have now available is the best option I have ever heard of. Recycling what we have in the boneyards across America also has to be done. There is a group of retired, inventive guys working in a garage in Ohio on a hydrogen cell that separates the H from H20 and injects it into to cylinders for added fuel economy. Some day the fuel itself will change and we will be free of oil-dependency. They are in Warren ,Ohio the birthplace of the beautiful Packard automobiles of old. My dad worked for Packard Electric making wiring harnesses for cars. It went downhill and overseas once they renamed the company Delphi electric and forgot their roots. A great article on the exploits of those inventive, forward-thinking men can be found in the Warren Tribune Chronicle newspaper's May 25th edition. We need collaboration between great minds to compete with the complacent big-3, Neil.Now get back to work in that garage and watch those knuckles!Peace to you men of goodwill.

Richard Lewis says:
Neil I'm the friend you never met. I saw you in the local store in Puako I love that area its like a church to me the islands. Your music has always inspired me I thank you so much! Its great that you have taken on the Electric car we as a nation are so far behind because of the oil companies are holding us back I thank you for your awesome efforts and maybe next time in Puako I will have the nerve to talk to you

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Dwight Reed says:
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Tommy Tamale says:
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Nothing sinister. If I could put down "Shakey" and forget, maybe I could get a second job and afford a car. Alas,the economy is the way it is.... And that's the last you'll hear from me!

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