Lincvolt is the world's first Micro-Turbine powered Bio-Electro-Cruiser. Designed in 1959 to make long distance trips and local commutes in style and grace, this timeless, beautiful and spacious Electro-Turbine Series-Hybrid now draws its power from a Bio-Diesel fueled Capstone Microturbine generator, and a UQM 150KW prime mover and super-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.
  • In 2010, Lincvolt proves that a plug-in Electro-Turbine Series-Hybrid can deliver the driving spirit of a full size long-range highway cruiser and achieve ultra-low emissions.
  • Lincvolt, weighing 2 to 2.5 times what a typical hybrid electric car weighs, is cleaner running with less Greenhouse Gas Emissions than than any hybrid electric or conventional car with under 80 mpg gasoline fuel economy.
  • Lincvolt's turbine emissions per mile are up to 60% of Prius emissions per mile.
  • Lincvolt, as an all electric commuter car, charging from the USA power grid, can be more economical than most conventional hybrid vehicles.
  • With a 400 mile extended range and a 50 mile range on electric power only, Lincvolt now has double the MPG fuel economy of the original Lincoln Continental.

  • UQM 150 KW prime mover

  • Capstone Microturbine 30 KW
  • What makes Lincvolt unique is its clean microturbine. Lincvolt's Capstone Microturbine is a small gas turbine or miniature jet engine. The electric generator and turbine components are mounted on a single shaft, which is supported by air bearings - so there are never any oil changes. It uses a patented combustion system to achieve extremely low exhaust emissions, and its patented recuperator recycles exhaust energy to get high fuel efficiency.

  • Even a Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV) will have similar emissions to Lincoln charged by the Capstone Microturbine. This is because Lincvolt is approximately twice the size and weight of a typical hybrid and has approximately half the emissions per KW used.
  • Charging Lincvolt with its Bio Diesel fueled Capstone microturbine Generator creates just 52% of the emissions created by plugging it into the USA grid and charging it. (based on average USA grid emissions).
  • The most economical way to charge Lincvolt is by plugging into the grid.
  • The cleanest way to charge Lincvolt is to use self charging mode and utilize the onboard Capstone Turbine Generator.

  • Up to 400-mile range without refueling
  • Recharges while underway in self-charging mode
  • 50-mile all electric range

  • 6200 LBS
  • Lincvolt is a 1959 Lincoln Continental Convertible with a Uni-body made of heavy steel and carries 850 lbs of super-safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries.

  • 19.5 feet

  • Domestic-Green Carbon-Neutral Bio-Diesel
  • Bio-Diesel fuel is made in the USA and using it and creates jobs.
  • Not using imported oil promotes national security.
  • Carbon-neutral fuels are essential to reducing Green House Gases.

  • If Lincvolt is initially charged from the National Power Grid, long-range mileage gradually reduces fuel economy:
    40 MPG after 100 miles
    30 MPG after 150 miles
    20 MPG after 400 miles
While Lincvolt is a large car and the mileage reflects the size, the combination of ultra low emissions and domestic fuel make it the smart choice for the future in big luxury cars and pick up trucks.


Lincvolt can operate in selectable driving modes. The selection of these modes can be done at anytime and the Lincvolt Intelligent Dashboard (LID) will automatically take care of the rest:

  • Plug into the grid for battery recharging and a range up to 50 miles on Battery only. In Commuter Mode the microturbine is left in the "off" mode and power comes solely from the batteries. With information from the Lincvolt intelligent dashboard, the micro-turbine will automatically prompt you to start the generator if a minimum battery state of charge is reached.

  • In Full Performance mode, the microturbine is started to sustain the battery state of charge and maintain optimal vehicle performance. This preserves the full regenerative braking and regenerative coasting capability for highest fuel economy, while simultaneously assuring that maximum power is available to the drive motor.

  • Long Range Mode provides the driver the option to allow the Lincvolt Intelligent Dashboard to automatically determine when the micro-turbine should start based on the calculated energy to reach a planned destination. Using input from the GPS system, the Lincvolt Intelligent Dashboard ensures there will always be sufficient battery energy remaining. This is designed to minimize use of onboard fuel, while eliminating "electric range anxiety" associated with plug in electric vehicles.


When parked, Lincvolt can be connected to an electrical system through its charging port. While connected to an electrical distribution system, several operating modes are possible:
  • Immediate Recharge - Plug in and tell the Lincvolt Intelligent Dashboard to begin charging immediately. (economical)
  • Time-of-use Recharge - Delay charging until the electric rates are lowest. (most economical)
  • Self-Charge - Charge with onboard Capstone Microturbine Generator. (lowest emissions)
  • User Power - Lincvolt can also output power to an electric distribution system or critical load. (lowest emissions)
  • Utility Coordinated - As more plug in electric hybrid vehicles are in service, there will be standards established to allow local electric utilities and / or recharge providers to provide added value to both the vehicle user and the electric power distribution system. (Grid)
  • Decentralized Power Generation DPG.(Lower Emissions into the environment than the average USA grid)

  • Relative speed intelligent braking
  • Internet communications
  • Integrated power use planning
  • Integrated battery monitoring
  • Integrated Capstone Microturbine Controls
  • Integrated motion sensing and monitoring
  • GPS integrated computer route planning
  • Intelligent real time fuel station recommendations

  • Super safe Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries

  • Regenerative braking recharges batteries
  • Coasting regeneration recaptures momentum and charges batteries
  • Driver selectable regeneration rates vary through use of shifter D1, D2, L

  • Automatic power shut-off
  • Manual Emergency power shut off
  • Redundant Protective Computer Safety Systems
  • Computer integrated Battery management protects battery pack
  • Turbine start-up prompts for battery charging prevents battery damage.

  • (Decentralized Power Generation is already on site, eliminating the average 40% loss over wires that is characteristic of Centralized Power Generation such as CNG, Nuclear, Hydro, Solar and Coal Centralized Power Plants.)
  • Mobile power generation from Lincvolt
  • Plug Lincvolt in to your house or any other power hungry location
  • Power your house with cleaner power than the USA average grid
  • Never waste power
    Unused extra power goes into the grid and then into the closest location using grid power, thus eliminating the 40% average loss in transmission of power through wires common with the Centralized Power Grid.
  • Supply the grid with cleaner more efficient extra power.